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Welcome to Pater Noster Ministries!

At Pater Noster Ministries we bring restoration, healing and freedom through prayer ministry, counseling, and mentoring.

Many of us suffer with:

  • Relationship issues:  not being able to love or receive love, unforgiveness, or being haunted by the harsh words or harmful actions of others.
  • Emotional issues: anger, depression, fear, shame, sadness.
  • Spiritual issues:  feeling distant from God’s presence and His love for us, guilt, and addictions.

All of these issues are just symptoms of the deeply rooted woundedness that we have experienced in our journey.  You can find restoration and freedom from all of this through prayer ministry, Spirit led counsel and mentoring.

You will experience the life you were meant to live, a life being able to love and receive love,  joy, peace, freedom and success!

Let us at Pater Noster Ministries help you to find this life!

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